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Our Membership with the Midwest Cancer Alliance

We know that cancer patients benefit from teamwork. That's why we've joined the Midwest Cancer Alliance (MCA), an organization that brings together patient care, research and support professionals throughout Kansas and western Missouri. Our ultimate goal is to provide our cancer patients with more options, closer to home.

Too often, cancer patients have had to travel far from their homes to gain access to leading-edge clinical trials. Through our MCA partnership, we're working to bring the best cancer clinical trials the region has to offer into our community and directly to our patients.

As a Community Partner, we collaborate with a network of area cancer professionals to explore the best resources in cancer research. The MCA improves access to leading-edge clinical trials and provides its membes with continuing professional education, patient education, networking and outreach opportunities.

What is the MCA?

The MCA is a membership-based organization created by The University of Kansas Cancer Center that links member hospitals, physician groups, cancer support and advocacy organizations, industry and government throughout Kansas and western Missouri. Its purpose is to provide strong support to community oncologists and cancer care professioanls. Its goal is to advance the quality and reach of cancer prevention, early detection, treatment and survivorship in the Heartland.

Cancer continues to take a significant toll on the lives of patients, as well as their families and friends. The MCA builds on the strengths of cancer professionals in the region to find the best resources. As part of this organization, we are teaming with other cancer care leaders to ensure patients receive the best options to heal.

Membership Benefits

Advanced care for our patients

Cancer treatment is disruptive enought in our patients' lives. The MCA's core goal is to facilitate advanced clinical trails for cancer patients as close to their homes as possible, helping to remove one of the burdens of receiving cancer care.

Our MCA membership helps us provide patients with access to a number of cancer resources. Oncologists affiliated with MCA can efficiently share information to help diagnose and treat patients, which adds our knowledge of cancer and advances our highest standards of care.

Patients at MCA-affiliated hospitals and physician practices have access to comprehensive cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis and care information, along iwth other health resources. Our patients can receive second opinion and consultation services via telemedicine with oncologists at the University of Kansas Cancer Center.

Through a collaborative partnership with The University of Kansas Cancer Center, patients for whom standard therapies have failed can receive access to state-of-the-art clinical trials.

Collaborating Among Cancer Professionals

MCA members share information and best practices for the benefit of patients in the region. Our cancer care professionals have access to member networking events and conferences, continuing medical and nursing credit and members-only web resources.

As a member, we also have access to detailed information on The University of Kansas Cancer Center's investigator-initated and cooperative group clincal trials. This teamwork benefits cancer patients in Kansas and western Missouri and establishes our region as one of the nation's leaders in cancer care, research and treatment.

Our Community Partner membership also allows us to share valuable resources with a host of other regional cancer care leaders and to be part of a team dedicated to finding answers.

Advantages To Our Community

The benefits of our membership extend well beyond our patient population, offering numerous advantages to our entire community. Advances in cancer care and therapies close to home help us to attract and retain top physicians, nurses and staff in rural areas. These advances create and maintain jobs, and they spur related economic development.

About MCA

The MCA was built to serve its members and to enhance their ability to deliver advanced cancer care to patients in the Heartland region.Click here to learn more about Midwest Cancer Alliance

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