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Before Your Surgery

For you, and for us, no surgery or procedure is minor. All surgery requires preparation. Your cooperation is very important. To help us file for insurance, please bring your insurance identification card or information. Visit the medical center for any necessary radiology or lab work as ordered before your scheduled surgery.

A GRMC nurse from the surgery Department will attempt to reach you prior to your procedure to obtain a medical history. The nurse will verify instructions and inform you of the time you need to report for surgery. If you have not been contacted the day before your procedure is scheduled, please call (785) 890-6024.

Some surgeries require history, physical and evaluation prior to surgery. Your physician's office will schedule this. If you routinely take medications for any condition, ask your Day Surgery nurse if you should take them on the day of surgery.

Arrange for someone to drive you home after any surgery and if you become ill or must reschedule your surgery for any reason, notify your physician and the surgery department immediately.

Surgery Patient Guidelines (click links below)
What To Expect
Food & Drink Instructions
Day of Surgery
After Surgery
Pediatric Patients

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